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What is Mechatronics?

Multi-disciplined engineering

Mechatronics plays a role in practically every facet of engineering from aeronautic and software to manufacturing and beyond. But what is mechatronics exactly? Ask Google that question and it will tell you that “Mechatronics is the science to optimize the realization of intelligent motion systems using a multi-domain synergistic design approach.” At InMechaSol we’ve simplified the definition; mechatronics is making an object or machine move in a very precise manner by combining electrical, mechanical and computer engineering.
While the question ‘what is mechatronics?’ has been answered, chances are you’re still wondering what can be accomplished through mechatronics. With the ability to work across the traditional discipline boundaries, the reach of mechatronics is quite significant.

A mechatronic engineer understands all the pieces of technology and can integrate them to produce a working system that operates in the most precise and efficient manner possible to maximize throughput and increase productivity. Delivering efficient and reliable operation by crossing discipline boundaries provides nearly incalculable value to a company.

At InMechaSol, we understand the reach and possibilities mechatronic solutions offer. We have improved the performance, reliability, usability and serviceability of motion systems for companies in a diverse set of industries. To us, the question isn’t “what is mechatronics?” The question is what can mechatronics help you accomplish.

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