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Proprietary Tools and Solutions from The Training Center

InMechaSol engineers develop and release free engineering solutions—including mathematical techniques, control algorithms, software tools and system designs—all created with the goal of removing redundancy and inefficiencies from work processes to enable engineers to focus on innovations.

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Address Inefficiencies with Free Solutions

For example, system controllers available today are purpose-built to support particular market segments—from automation and CNC control product lines to satellite antenna control products. Each focuses on performance demands in its particular segment area while obscuring their similarities. However, each purpose-built system must operate according to the same mathematical and engineering principles. Many engineers spend their careers in isolation, recreating solutions to system control problems for generation after generation of new control product lines. The market isolation of purpose-built system controllers relates to a gross inefficiency.

InMechaSol’s research and technology development aims at resolving this inefficiency. From our Training Center, engineers and students work to prepare a range of new tools and resources that will permit innovation—all of which are released free to the public for use by both education and industry. These will include: 
  • Mathematical techniques
  • Control algorithms
    • Optimal Filter Implementations
    • State Machine Architectures
    • The Command Re-shaper—an algorithm for protection of control
  • Software tools
  • System designs
    • Embedded system controllers
    • Actuation accessories
    • Option modules
    • Android system control unit
    • Simple model explorer—analysis and simulation tool

Sign up for a our newsletter and never miss the release of these free innovations!

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