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In addition to our consultative services, InMechaSol has developed several high-demand products that allow us to satisfy some common areas of need.

Extended Environment High Dynamic Controls

  • IP 65
  • Global Outdoor Operation
  • Flexible Power Output Sizing
InMechaSol has developed a platform of flexible control solutions applicable in markets demanding local and/or global outdoor environmental operation. Advanced thermal analysis and drive system sizing techniques allow for a fully enclosed IP65 controller standing up to full (above water) global conditions. The control platform is easily tailored to application specific drive requirements and is capable of high precision and/or high dynamic position, velocity, speed, and torque control.

Autonomous Adhoc Backbone

  • Automatic Configuration
  • Expandable Network in 3 Dimensions
  • Standard Wifi Physical Layer
  • API for Quick Product Integration
 Appropriate applications for the creation of an Autonomous Adhoc Network are quite varied; they are suitable anywhere large cranes or similar heavy equipment need to communicate wirelessly with a slow but reliable and deterministic safety system.

Mechatronic Optimized Drive Systems

  • High Efficiency
  • HighDynamic Range
  • Optimized for Dynamic Control
Objects in motion that are subject to dynamic constraints, such as velocity and acceleration limits, can be proven to follow paths optimized for specific goals such as throughput, precision or dynamic tracking ability. InMechaSol develops and produces mechatronic optimized drive systems including load actuation, gearing, motors, feedback devices and power amplifiers.

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InMechaSol provides innovative mechatronic solutions to industry's most formidable motion control problems. Explain to us your challenge, and we will create a solution specific to your need. Our engineers and designers are some of the brightest and most innovative of the day.

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