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A Message from InMechaSol President, Gary Eades

When I was a student, I learned a first principles approach to problem solving. That approach has guided me through a successful career in the commercial sector in mechatronics—a field that requires computer science training together with skill in mechanical and electrical engineering. At some of the world’s most innovative companies, I found myself returning to first principles when teaching young engineers theory and applications, all which often enabled project implementation.
For many years now, I’ve led engineering teams at InMechaSol, the company I founded, where we’ve worked to develop various mechatronic CAD tools and robust control products. The engineering projects commissioned by private sector clients have funded our training center for mechatronics research and the professional development of young engineers.

We’re creating a new approach to mechatronics: where companies gain expert solutions, engineers develop their talent and the industry as a whole gains free tools and solutions to support mechatronic advancement.  

Now we’re moving forward. Again and again, we saw the same problems arise in our industry projects, the same calls for solving similar problems. We returned to first principles to solve the repeating problem. In the spring and summer of 2016, InMechaSol reorganized its mission. As a nonprofit, we are better able to communicate about basic system principles and align our expertise with both industry and education, thereby bridging the gap. 

The Training Center

InMechaSol is the first and only nonprofit organization with a primary commitment to the advancement of mechatronics education. The Training Center is our flagship program where talented up-and-coming and mid-level engineers collaborate to innovate solutions on high-level industry challenges, guided by highly skilled mechatronic professionals.
Companies gain expert solutions—from research and product development to control systems design and troubleshooting—and Training Center engineers gain real-world experience in solving complex engineering challenges.
Training Center research also aids in the development of tools to support technological education through mechatronics. In the near future, we’ll make basic systems solutions, developed in-house, available to both education and industry communities. By supporting the Training Center, you help to fund the future of integrated technology. 

Professional Placement Services

The recognition that problem-solving with industry is a creative bridge to professional practice has led us to introduce Recruiting and Staffing Services, connecting industry demand with engineering talent. Since our mission is to help fund The Training Center, placement costs are lower than anyone else in the industry. Our mechatronic expertise allows for a stellar level of candidate assessment, and all placement candidates have the ability to update or build niche skills for potential employers where needed at the Training Center.
InMechaSol has always crossed discipline boundaries to create the synergistic value that comes from integrating technologies. Now, we’re seeking to integrate communities, creating an engineering interface at the forefront of mechatronics problem-solving.
The possibilities are endless. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

Gary Eades
Founder and President, InMechaSol
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InMechaSol provides innovative mechatronic solutions to industry's most formidable motion control problems. Explain to us your challenge, and we will create a solution specific to your need. Our engineers and designers are some of the brightest and most innovative of the day.

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