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The Training Center

InMechaSol is the first and only nonprofit organization with a primary commitment to the advancement of mechatronics education.

We’re creating a new approach to mechatronics: where companies gain expert solutions, engineers develop their talent and the industry as a whole gains free tools and solutions to support mechatronic advancement.  

Our mission engages with students of all ages.  

Skill Development 

The Training Center is InMechaSol’s flagship program where talented engineers collaborate on high-level industry challenges. Participants innovate solutions and develop skills at the intersection of mechanical, electrical and computer systems. Training Center outputs also include research development for tools that support mechatronics education and advancement.

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Above all, the Training Center has a history of helping new graduates launch their careers. Young professionals participate after graduation or through our experience programs—semester-long internships which include paid junior and senior internships, and unpaid apprenticeships.

Bridging the Gap Co-Op Program

In addition to a single semester of participation, InMechaSol conducts a longer-tenured experience, the Bridging the Gap Co-Op Program, intended to fully prepare students to enter the mechatronic industry as prepared professionals.

To bridge the gap between education and industry, students complete three semesters in the Training Center and pass written and hands-on tests to be an InMechaSol certified graduate.

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Since we train through real world projects, the number of supported students varies with development funding each semester. At the high school level, InMechaSol is proud to support local FIRST teams as part of our mission in education.

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InMechaSol provides innovative mechatronic solutions to industry's most formidable motion control problems. Explain to us your challenge, and we will create a solution specific to your need. Our engineers and designers are some of the brightest and most innovative of the day.

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