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It Can Be Done: The Story

It Can Be Done. It’s simple. It’s accurate. It truly is the guiding statement of InMechaSol. The idea that innovative mechatronic engineers can make practically anything possible seems like a given, but it’s not the pervading attitude across the engineering industry in general. In fact, countless times in my career I was presented with the opportunity to solve a significant problem only to have the chance to try snatched away because leadership said in their experience it couldn’t be done.

When I started InMechaSol, I found myself saying yes! We can do this. We can overcome timing issues and communication challenges. We can push the boundaries of efficiency. The statement embodies our approach to problem solving; by beginning with basic principles and an understanding of the physical world, we can arrive at pretty much any solution. That doesn’t mean we won't have challenges, of course. We are realistic. But we are open-minded. We weigh every variable and if moving forward is the right choice, we do. And we do it with the attitude that It Can Be Done.

-Gary Eades, Founder, InMechaSol

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InMechaSol provides innovative mechatronic solutions to industry's most formidable motion control problems. Explain to us your challenge, and we will create a solution specific to your need. Our engineers and designers are some of the brightest and most innovative of the day.

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