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Robert Leidy, IMS Intern 2013

"The intership program is great for students who want hands-on experience with real-world problems and systems."

Robert Leidy was a computer science major at Georgia Institute of Technology when he heard InMechaSol (IMS) founder, Gary Eades, speak about the programming component of one of his mechatronic projects. After their introduction, Leidy was chosen as an IMS intern for the summer 2013 session.

“When I first started, I began working on IT development since I had experience there, but soon Gary brought me into a project he was working on—debugging a production system in California,” said Leidy. “I worked independently a lot, but got guidance when I needed it. I went through the existing code and helped develop ways to test it. I had to find ways to emulate parts of the system and test some of my solutions in a virtual environment. I learned a lot – and it was a unique challenge."

Toward the end of the summer, Leidy accompanied Eades to California to implement their solution. "That was a cool experience,” said Leidy. “I got to see the hardware the program was running on and was able to help Gary debug a real system. It was a very rewarding experience knowing that my solution solved a real problem for a real company, and I got to meet a lot of great people in the process. You don't get that feeling working problems out of a textbook."

After completing his internship and earning his computer science degree from Georgia Tech, Leidy was hired at InMechaSol full-time as a Mechatronics Engineer where he currently writes programs for controlling mechanical systems.

“The internship program is great for students who want hands on experience with real-world problems and real-world systems. It’s not just theory or set-up problems. I learned with real situations, which can be very useful for students in order to gauge if it’s a profession they’re really interested in. You can see what the job will be like.”

Brandon Foley, IMS Intern 2013

"It was a great environment to learn about idea creation and testing, and the whole project lifecycle."

Brandon Foley was a Computer Science major at the University of North Georgia when a guest speaker introduced him to the challenges of mechatronics and invited the attendees to apply for the chance to be a part of it. The speaker was Gary Eades, and he was searching for the best and the brightest for the IMS internship program.

“I was pretty excited about the things Gary was working on and was thrilled when I was selected for the program,” said Foley. Foley’s first task during the internship was to find a way to make a small embedded board accessible over Wi-Fi for an industrial tension measuring device. His next assignment was testing real-time operation systems on these boards to see if they could be used for motion controllers.

“I got to do a lot of hands-on development under Gary and Matt VonArx, but it was nice because they weren’t constantly watching,” said Foley. “I did my work, sometimes alone and sometimes with other interns, and then went to them for feedback. It was a great environment to learn about idea creation and testing, and the whole project lifecycle—which was awesome.”

Foley is currently employed at Amazon. “My experience at InMechaSol definitely helped me get this job. I recommend that any student who has the opportunity should experience the IMS internship program.” He is slated to graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology in December 2015 with a Bachelors of Computer Science. “After graduation I hope to pursue work in the space exploration arena.”

Chris Costes, IMS Intern, 2013

"The credibility of having known Gary was definitely helpful in getting my position at ViaSat."

In his senior year at Georgia Tech, Chris Costes began looking for a summer internship that would allow him to put his education to the test and better prepare him for the beginning of his career. He learned about the InMechaSol internship program from the Georgia Tech online career website and quickly scheduled a video conference with IMS owner, Gary Eades, to talk about the possibilities. 

“We talked about my background and what he was doing at IMS,” said Costes. “It sounded like an interesting program because he had a different approach than other companies who offered internships. 

“Gary was looking to training people for specific industry roles so our chances of finding a job right after graduation increased. Rather than give me a specific task to do, he would tell us the goal and gave us the freedom to figure things out. I enjoyed that freedom. Plus, he said he’d help us get placed, which was really cool and different.” 

Costes started the IMS internship program in the summer of 2013 and began working as part of the team designing a board that “would allow us to interface with hardware sensors and have Wi-Fi capabilities to form a mesh network,” said Costes. “I was trying to source the board itself, which meant talking to hardware manufacturers. That was a good experience.” 

Costes noted the mix of interns with different skill sets. “We had a good mix of computer science interns; some with more software and some more hardware. It was a good group.”

Costes completed his Bachelor degree in computer engineering in the fall of 2013. Right after graduation, he joined the engineering team at ViaSat, a company that provides consumer, commercial and government customers with communications services and systems including satellite technology. 

“The credibility of having known Gary was definitely helpful in getting that position.” At ViaSat Costes is doing low level programming and assemblies on motion control systems, including developing code in a robust and maintainable fashion given different web interfaces. 

“The IMS internship program gave me the real-world industry experience companies are looking for. Having someone actively talk to companies to find what they want from new grads and then training them to meet those requirements was incredible.” 

Scott Eichler, IMS Intern, Controls Engineer

"If it was not for InMechaSol I would not be in the controls industry. My InMechaSol internship was my first in-depth look into the world of automation and I've been hooked since then. I was able to apply what I learned at InMechaSol at my first job out of college, which was as a controls engineer for a high speed bottle capping company. Now, at Applied Industrial Controls in Buford, my controls experience grants me a greater level of responsibilities—I’m assigned all the design work and programming."

Applied Industrial Controls

You Young, IMS Intern, 2016

"I learned that engineers can solve problems through creativity or they can be just the person with the degree. I want to solve problems."

You Young was working toward his degree in electrical engineering at Georgia Tech when he learned about the co-op program at InMechaSol through his roommate—who was a co-op graduate himself. With his long-term interest in robotics, Young knew that an in-depth look at mechatronics would be the extra insight he needed to excel at school.

During his four month co-op, Young helped implement control systems as well as aid in the research and implementation of a programming language for an antennae control system using an Android app. “Gary would give me direction and push me to do the research on my own,” said Young.” He wanted me to struggle and figure it out, but when I hit a roadblock he always gave me more feedback.

“I never had a real engineering experience before. At InMechaSol, I got to see how engineers do their job and solve practical, real-world problems. It was great to think my own way through problems and apply what I learned in classes. Plus, the flexibility of the program was indispensable.”

Young, who is currently a junior at Georgia Tech, commented that if he had to do anything differently he would enter the co-op program after completing some of his more advanced coursework to be better prepared.

“I learned that engineers can solve problems through creativity or they can be just the person with the degree. I want to solve problems.”

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