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InMechaSol to Offer Full Cycle Recruiting Services to Fill Industry Mechatronic Positions

Mechatronics, or the combination of mechanical and electrical engineering with computer science, is truly a unique discipline in the engineering world. Finding talented engineers to fill these roles at companies is often difficult, as many are trained in one or two disciplines, but not effectively in all three.

InMechaSol founder and mechatronic engineer, Gary Eades, understands this all too well and has assessed the skills of countless engineers who have come through the Training Center. Driven by the understanding of the special challenges of recruiting and retaining skilled mechatronic engineers, InMechaSol recently launched their new professional placement services for the mechatronics industry.

Companies seeking mechatronic talent gain multiple benefits from working with InMechaSol. Not only does the company founder personal assess the skills of the candidate, the fees associated with recruiting and placement are a fraction that of traditional professional placement firms.

“Our placements fees are used to fund the Training Center and give more back to the future of mechatronics,” said Managing Director, Crysti Heaton. “But our candidates are of the highest quality since we assess each one personally. Plus, candidates can hone their skills at the Training Center if they are lacking in a particular area, which is truly an added value. Many companies find a great candidate, but there’s one thing they need further development in. We can provide that.” 
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