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InMechaSol Begins Process of Transitioning to Non Profit Status

While InMechaSol was originally founded as a mechatronic engineering consultancy, company founder, Gary Eades, has always been focused on education. Since the company’s inception, he maintained a series of internships aimed at furthering the mechatronic education of young engineers based on real-world problems. Recently, the company decided to change directions in order to expand their impact on education. InMechaSol has begun the process of transitioning to a nonprofit corporation with the goal of advancing mechatronic education and bridging the gap between industry and education.

The Training Center is InMechaSol’s flagship program where talented engineers collaborate to innovate  solutions on high-level industry challenges. The Training Center was designed to help new graduates launch their careers and provide professional development for established engineers to update or build niche skills for current or potential employers. Training Center research also aids in the development of tools to support mechatronics education and advancement. 

More changes are coming for InMechaSol, so stay tuned to see what happens next for this company in transition. 
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