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Applying Mechatronic Solutions Across Diverse Industries

At InMechaSol, our ability to optimize mechanical performance and controls to deliver precision performance and disturbance rejection has made a significant, bottom-line impact to countless companies. While our experts can apply mechatronic solutions to any suitable project, there are several industries where our advanced motion control techniques are most impactful.
  • Satellite Communications. With a professional background in satellite communications, our mechatronic engineers offer first hand insight on enhancing plant longevity and boosting serviceability through advanced control techniques that yield maximum pointing and tracking accuracy. Simply, companies get more out of their satellites and antennas with precision positioning and streamlined disturbance rejection.
  • General Motion Control. Whether your goal is to boost accuracy, speed, longevity or a host of other criteria, our mechatronic engineers work across industries to make anything that moves – move better. The process of reaching that goal is somewhat more complex, but the end result is the same.
  • Manufacturing. Optimization is the key to success in manufacturing. We understand the impact even the smallest variable can make and know how to optimize throughput, processes and service-ability while boosting plant longevity, quality and safety. So whether your goal is to sell more products, maximize throughput, boost quality or cut costs, our mechatronic engineers can help you achieve it by improving the efficiency of your drive systems, processes and machines/floors. We are also experienced at enhancing safety through intelligent control systems and improving overall product quality by optimizing accuracy and repeatability of motion systems.
  • Material Handling. Our expertise with serial and parallel robotic manipulators can be leveraged in kinematic development and simulation. By working through multi-axis schematics, we develop a different type of control system with the ability to deliver multi DOF (degree of freedom) and interpolation.

While these are the areas we work in most often, our mechatronic engineers can streamline any motion system. Contact us today to discuss your project. 
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InMechaSol provides innovative mechatronic solutions to industry's most formidable motion control problems. Explain to us your challenge, and we will create a solution specific to your need. Our engineers and designers are some of the brightest and most innovative of the day.

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